The Gunn Family
Angus, Sam, Sue and Jim Gunn


The Gunn family have been running Sevenbardot since Margaret Gunn started the Poll Hereford stud in 1960. Today, the stud is run by Jim Sue and Angus Gunn at Wigelmar, located in Bylong, NSW and Sam, Amy and Max Gunn who live at "sunset", Condobolin New South Wales. Our family carries on the tradition started here way back more than 55 years ago. 

Sevenbardot’s family run operation includes our Wigelmar 3,000 acre property in Bylong, which we’ve called home since 2015. We also own Sunset Station, about an hour northwest of Condobolin. That’s where Sam Gunn and his wife Amy and son Max live and raise poll Hereford cattle, Dorper sheep and harvest wild goats.



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Jim Gunn is still working at Wigelmar, where he runs Sevenbardot Poll Herefords. His daily routine is to do all the work necessary to keep Wigelmar and the livestock healthy and well.
Jim has more interests than just the cattle. He served on the board of the Poll Hereford Society for 12 years including two as Chairman. He has judged at many shows across the country including the Sydney Show.

Jim's hobby outside of the family farm has been polo. He reached a handicap of 6 goals. He played for Goondiwindi Club in QLD and represented both Queensland and Australia from 1974 to 1985. He played in England, America, India, Pakistan and New Zealand. 

He is now looking to slow down just a little.
Mobile: 0428 717 415
You can find Sue taking care of all the upkeep at our fine Wigelmar home. This sandstone house has been transformed with her help into a comfortable place to live. In addition to taking care of her home and family and helping with all outside activities, Sue also breeds donkeys, collects china, ebony elephants, and restores rocking horses.  
Sue also runs Sevenbardot Saddlery and is the chairman of Denman Horse Trials.  
Sue is a kiwi and an outstanding equestrian. She represented New Zealand showjumping and Australia Eventing. 
She designed and built the Goondiwindi event from nothing to running international 3 Day Events over 18 years. When she moved to the Bylong Valley she took over designing all the courses at the Sydney Equestrian Centre after the Olympics and ran all the one day events there for 10 years. Along the way she became 1 of only 3 internationally qualified course designers at the time in Australia 
She is one amazing lady. And is not slowing down.
Ben lives in Dubbo and drives interstate trucks for McInnis Transport. He is a single dad to six-year-old Ruby, who loves interacting with all the animals during her visits to Wigelmar. Ruby has even started participating in the Under 6 classes at local shows.  
Ben attended Dalby Agricultural College. He has spent sometime as a spray rig operator at Goondiwindi and on Ruby Plains in the Northern Territory.
Mobile: 0407 499 878
Sam and his wife, Amy, and their 2-year-old son Max live at Sunset Station, which is 120 kilometers northwest of Condobolin. Sunset Station features 30,000 acres with dorpers, merinos, poll Hereford cattle, goats, roos and pigs. 

Sam is a graduate from the University of Sydney Orange with a Bachelor of Business Degree. 
Sam and Amy have also created a niche market with their Dusty Dorpers and plan to add Wagyu beef to their business. Sam has stayed busy by working as a contract fencer and also plays polo in his spare time. His wife is an avid player of polocrosse. Sam has represented Australia at polo against Zambia in Zambia and has played in India and Argentina. 
Sam worked on Mount Samford in the Northern Territory and Amy worked on Lake Nash, up to a management level, also in the Northern Territory. 

Both Sam and Amy have had jobs in semi public life. 

Sam has been Chairman of NSW Young Farmers, had stints on MLA and Cattle Council of Australia as well as the Cattle Committee of NSW Farmers. 

Amy has been a co-ordinater for lots of farming organizations in Queensland organizing forums, field days and meetings for them. 

She has worked on LLS in her region in NSW and is the founder of Friend a Farmer a powerful social media site brings the bush and the city closer together. 
Mobile: 0407 499 878
Angus works at Wigelmar and does contract fencing jobs all over the place. Lately a lot at Goondiwindi where there maybe other attractions. He is a graduate of Marcus Oldham College in Victoria with a Diploma of Agriculture. 

He worked on Mount Samford in the Northern Territory.

His hobby is polo when he is not shooting feral wildlife. He has won the prestigious Welltown Challenge Cup for A Grade at Goondiwindi recently, adding to a family legacy as his great-grandfathers and grandfather and father have also won the coveted award. Angus represented Australia in a youth team in Canada.

At school he had a distinguished rugby career.
The Gunn family purchased Wigelmar on 31 May 2015. This 3,000 acre property is located in the lovely Bylong Valley.  
Beautiful rolling countryside and wide fertile flats will surround those who visit Wigelmar. It is nearly all red basalt soils. 
We have recently renovated the old 1912's sandstone house, to make it a very comfortable family home. 
Home to Sam, Amy and their 2-year-old son Max Sunset Station is about an hour northwest of Condobolin and 450 kilometres from Wigelmar. This 30,000-acre property is known for wide-open spaces, as well as a steep rocky ridge in the centre. Amongst these wide-open spaces are huge kurrajong trees and plenty of new fencing.  
Sunset Station is home to merinos, dorpers, poll Herefords and rangeland goats. There’s also plenty of fertile land for farming.
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