A lot has happened in the last 3 years. House renovations are complete at Wigelmar and we will have been here three years by sale time. A lot has been done with water, yards and fencing however there is still more to do but the place is starting look ok. We have installed a solar pumping system to water the back half of the place and it has been a great success. 

We will in the near future be dispersing our wonderful herd as part of our succession plan.  

The boys are all following their own career paths and Sue and I have a few things still on our bucket list to do. It will be nice to get up in the morning and do what we want to do rather than what we have to do. This is our definition of retirement.


We have in the last 12 months added Peakes Bentley B166 (by Koanui Rocket), Karina National (by Allendale National), and two bulls from Dalkeith C006 (by a Yalgoo Engineer son) and C221 (by Yalgoo Boulder).

Sam and Amy have a baby due in November, so Ruby won’t be the only grandchild. Angus starts a job managing a place at Bunnan in October, so he can put into practice all he has learnt over the past 12 years. With the beef cattle market roaring along as it is and the season looking a lot better in a lot of areas, the future looks more promising than it did 12 months ago. We hope things have improved for all of you and we get to see you on sale day for a steak, a beer and a good get-together.
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