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The Sevenbardot Poll Hereford Stud was started in 1960 with cast for age cows and surplus heifers from the Merawah Stud. Merawah was founded in 1926 by James Hilton Doyle as a Hereford stud and changed to polls in 1936. No horned bulls have been used at Merewah or Sevenbardot since 1936. Hilton Doyle had two daughters, Margaret (Gunn) and Judy (Mackay). Judy retained the Merawah prefix and Marg started Sevenbardot. 

It was in 1960 that Margaret Gunn purchased females from Merawah and a bull, Castlebend Anthony, from Bill Williamson. This began Sevenbardot. Our herd expanded in 1964 with the purchase of 10 additional females from Woodlands and a bull, Kildrummie Torch. Margaret Gunn then took her half of the original Merawah cow herd in 1966.  

From these humble beginnings we are where we are today still under the management of the same family



Champion bulls and sires were purchased by Sevenbardot throughout the 1970s. In the early 80s, we bred North American cattle and purchased two new bulls. By 1985, the last of our sheep went and the stud herd increased to 600 cows. A new Junior Champion bull was purchased who added 10% to our weaning weights across the board and produced several sons. It was at this time that our family had a change of policy and sold nearly all our females. We did keep 10 females from each age group.

In 1988, Jim Gunn travelled to North America and came home with four new bulls, all of whom produced great females and sons that bred well. Two new bulls came in 1991, as did Merawah Printer M32 in 1994. They bred a lot of great beef cattle. New bulls were added in 2002, 2004 and 2005, which has yielded great results for us. A new group of bulls added in the 2010s are poised to continue on the legacy of Sevenbardot into the future. 
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